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When all members of a community are full participants, everyone benefits.

By working closely with various community partners, we believe we can create optimal strategies to overcome barriers and support successful participation in Northwestern Ontario's labour market. We are seeking participants to enhance our research process, so that we can produce the most relevant findings for our region.

*Please note that we are looking for participants in Thunder Bay, Sioux Lookout, and Atikokan.



Share Your Story

We want to hear your experience relocating and becoming established in Thunder Bay, Atikokan or Sioux Lookout. We are interested in both successes and barriers associated with coming to a new town, and a new job. 



Share Your Experience

We want to hear your experience integrating and retaining new immigrants in your organization. We are interested in the welcoming techniques you used and recommendations for improvement.


Partner With Us

Your connections in the community are vital in ensuring a wide audience is reached. Contact us to inquire about becoming a part of our advisory teams. 

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